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Thread: Giant Downs

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    Giant Downs

    I want to run a Giant downs campaign with the with the official supplement. I was wondering If anyone has had successful campaigns and would like to share, or give advice on how to make it run smoother.


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    In a message dated 4/22/2008 2:10:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, brnetboard@BIRTHRIGHT.NET writes:

    I want to run a Giant downs campaign with the with the official supplement. I was wondering If anyone has had successful campaigns and would like to share, or give advice on how to make it run smoother.

    It`s largely going to depend on the game you and your players want to
    have. Making a kingdom? Policing the wild? Running off the goblins and
    I ran that years ago. The first few levels were very much a guerrilla
    war with the WW`s mercenaries, so I spent some time detailing them and their
    leaders. My group turned out that no one wanted to become the "King," so I
    ended up avoiding some of the politics, merely sticking to the stuff going on
    in and around the Watch. I was pleasantly surprised when the characters got
    the drift of the magic-mistrusting Rjurik, and buried the enemy dead without
    looting them for magic items. There`s some good stuff buried out there now....
    Then, one of the players wanted to run a dwarf, and I found a good
    excuse to stick "Axe of the Dwarvish Lords" in the mountains. Only after that,
    did I talk them into facing down Ghuralli in a final battle to end the
    campaign. It was an epic fight, I think at least two PCs died (heroically, of
    course). Since some of the PCs developed romantic interests, I might run "Son of
    the Giantdowns" someday.

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    What kind of campaign are you hoping to run?

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    I am a long time lurker here and wanted to share concerning a Giantdowns campaign. I ran a great campaign for a friend of mine that lasted for several years of real time, we played once or twice a month most of the time.

    He actually went with the merchant method for spreading his influence at the begining, and based most of his actions out of Fort Lemjohen. He helped fund the Watch to beat back the WW army over the course of his first two years as a Guilder. PM and I can share my adventure outline and how we finally wrapped it up.
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    I also ran a campaign in the Giantdowns and it is one of the most fondly remembered by the players in my group. I started the PC's as nomadic Rjurik clan that were related and blooded, and they actually over the course of years, carved out a small realm from the Giantdowns, after defeating the Kjarholle (sp?). In doing this, they transformed from nomadic to more modern Rjurik. Every domain turn was full of adventure hooks and great drama, because it seemed at any given moment the realm could be crushed, but the heroes would find a way to save the day and even come out better...sometimes.

    I especially enjoyed the politics and discussons with the High Druid and the Clanchief that came about. I had one hitch with it that turned out to be a good thing in the end. The fact the Rjuriks, especially nomadic ones, don't take kindly to mages, made the party mage-less for a while. But, I used the Geometer class from the Skills and Powers book with some special modifications and made a cool "advisor" to the clanchief that was not a favorite of the general population, but later was accepted.

    I don't want to ramble, but I had lots of other ideas that worked well for me as a DM. But, I would highly recommend doing a camapign there as it is a great area for adventure and heroes to shine. I also would recommend the "King of the Giantdowns" book if you don't have it already.



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