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    Dantier Island - what do you use it for?

    Located in the Tael Firth between Anuire and the Rjurik Highlands, Dantier Island is off the southern coast of the Siren's domain and northwest of Talinie. It is unclaimed by any regent, but it is unclear as to why a good-sized forested island would not have been harnessed by now.
    Has anyone used this island in their campaigns? Is so, how did it play out?
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    I had an awnshegh there that was treant like, but very nasty. Local rumors could be found that regents and Ships would land, and their crews would disappear. The party decided to avoid the island much to my despair. Every rumor I added to get them to go that way was met by their characters skepticism and feeling that it was a death trap. So sad.

    All my other campaigns have taken place in the southern coast.
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    I made the island into a low-level province, claimed by several realms but without any firm allegiance. Sparse population of farmers/fishers of mixed Anuirean and Rjurik stock.

    A few (very) minor noble families. A young son of one such family took part in a tourney in Boeruine on one campaign. He was much ridiculed for his poor clothing, bad etiquette and lousy riding skills.

    The island also ha a big ruined harbor/castle from the old days, when there was a naval outpost there. It served a the prison of the regent of Talinie when she was deposed in a civil war. The players had to brave a hostile ocean before even getting to the island.
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