I know many of you have read my message about my problems with the Shadows of the Blood DM. I have also read some of the messages posted by the DMs of the game so I will explain myself as well as my reason for my dissatisfaction with that game and how my character Darien Avan was handled.

1. March 4th or 5th I received my domain sheet with all the important game information about Avanil. I was also informed that Darien Avan was lost at the Khinasi Sea due to a pirate attack on the ship. The GM explained that I would receive my character during turn 2 action 3, he did not tell me that the Pirates took DA hostage or that they demanded a ransom.

2. I understood that the game was 'under consideration' so I partially accepted this story however it made no sense.

3. I asked the DM why the Prince of Avanil would be in the Khinasi Sea and what reason he was there for, the GM gave me no answer and he still has not given it on this board, even though he has made personal attacks on me.

4. It should be understood that I joined at the beginning of turn 2. I asked the GM if there was any way to get my character back, sooner, since I was loosing precious time, while Berouine was busy in his neck of the woods. The GM's response was that since Berouine lost his war against the Five Peaks, he decided not to let me get my regent back as a way of evening things out.

5. This is what made me uncomfortable to start with. If a one player screws up in a game, I did not consider it the GM's responsibility to even things out, if you make a mistake, then you should pay for it, or so I thought.

6. The next thing that happened was that I noticed that the Thurazor diplomat had accussed the Prince of Avanil of assassinating one of his messengers, since the message was over 10 days old, I assumed that the GM left the IC forum to the players to use as an Imperial Senate. Since the GM's lack of activity meant that the insult would go unnoticed by the Chamberlain, so I took steps to confront the Thurazor diplomat.

7. Rather than apologize for an uncalled accusation upon my Prince, the Thurazor diplomat accussed me and the other regents of racism against Goblin kind. I was fed up, so I called for a vote to remove the goblin from the Imperial Senate for his lack of manners.

8. After I called for a vote the Chamberlain (DM) decided that he would abandon his previous lack of interest and interfere with the players, he stated that the Prince's delegate had no right to call for a vote. Now since the GM called this the senate I found it offensive that he would attempt to dictate how diplomacy will be conducted and who has the right to vote on what.

9. Next, I found that I was not receiving any tribute from my vassal in Tahegas, thus I asked my GM why this was, he stated that Darien Avan looted the coffers of his vassal to build an army, and Harald Khorien was angry at him, so he would send no tribute. This made absolutely no sense to me, one, because each regent has an independent treasury and two, if the liege can pillage the coffers of his vassal, then I do not need to ask Khorien for tribute because I can just loot his coffers more.

10. Basically, the GM decided that Darien Avan had no pollitical tact and would loot his vassals at will, obviously if you know anything about Avan, you know that he wants the Iron Throne and looting his vassals would be the one way of not getting it.

11. Finally, 20 days later the GM sent me a new realm sheet, in this sheet he demanded 40GB from pirates for the life of my regent, since up to now, Darien Avan was on the coast of Khinasi awaiting a pick-up, it became the straw that broke the camel's back, I do not like it when DM's change the rules in the middle of the game.

12. I realized that Darien Avan might not come back alive because if I were a pirate and I took the regent of Avanil hostage, I would expect that he would hunt every pirate down and kill each one very slowly after he was freed, so I would take the ransom and then kill the hostage. What was even more frustrating was the fact that I believe that the GM sent me the 40GB ransom note in order to further equalize the game between me and Berouine, I don't mind playing by the rule, but I do mind the GM changing the rules in the middle of the game in order to play god.