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    Birthright TGA Editor help


    This probably sounds like a stupid question, but:

    Is there some sort of guide, or FAQ regarding the Birthright TGA editors?

    The scenario editor has useful pop-up messages, but the character editor is really base.

    For example, say I wanted to edit only the lieutenants available for hire; how do I access them?

    Scrolling down the list of names gives me the Regents (whom I don't see point in editing, as the storyline still referrs to them as the original - check the info box [right click the portrait] on any Regent you're edited) then a list of the major NPCs (guilds, mostly) and finally, a handful of characters whom I assume are possible lieutenants*

    But I know there's more than just those...

    Additionally, I wanted to create my own lieutenants. Can these be added to the list without over-writing defaults?

    My thanks,

    Addendum: Also, does anyone know where I may...uh, 'aquire' a copy of the adventure editors?

    *I know for a fact I've hired Mohair before, but his realm is set to Dhonsie

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    You can edit lieutnant,they are just under the non landed regents.
    You can also edit regents's description but you need to edit their file.I don't know if you can add description text for some regents like Avan that aren't avaible without mod.

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