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    Birthright editor's items for sale

    Dear Fellow Cerilians,

    As one of the Birthright setting’s primary editors at TSR, I have duplicate copies of many products, and have decided that I am finally ready to part with some of them -- I would rather know they're being enjoyed by Birthright players than languishing in boxes. So I am culling my personal collection. A couple of friends from my TSR days (game designer Monte Cook and his wife, editor Sue Cook) have organized an eBay auction, which is taking place now. This is a good opportunity to round out your own collection if there are products you’ve been having trouble locating, and many of the items are in mint condition (still in shrinkwrap). There are even some rare items like Birthright t-shirts from the official BR launch party we had at TSR, and a mousepad with the classic painting by Tony Szczudlo that graces the BR boxed set.

    In addition to Birthright materials, there are also lots of other RPG products from Monte’s collection and mine.

    Here’s a link to read more about the sale:

    And here’s a link to the list of items:

    The sale is running in three stages, but most of the Birthright stuff closes this Saturday (11/25).

    I wish you all a peaceful holiday season!

    Carrie Bebris

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    I don't know if it's good that I don't have all of it, or bad that I appear to have most of it...

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    A shame I cannot spend any money at the moment; I hope I will be getting a job in an interview I'll be getting, but I don't have one at the time being, and that also means, no savings, which pretty much rules these out.

    Happy getting to all of you who can have them!

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