Tony Szczudlo

Tony Szczudlo is an artist that was used to illustrate a large number of Birthright publications. He felt "Birthright is kinda like my child, well at least the look, and feel of the world" [1]. He was even willing to be employed to do artwork for the BRCS.
According to Colin McComb, Tony's surname is pronounced "Shud-lo". [2]
A Vos warrior

His works include:
Book of Regency Concept and Cover Artist
The Legacy of Kings Concept Artist
Player's Secrets of Halskapa (1996) Cover Artist
Birthright Campaign Setting (1995) Concept and Cover Artist
Players Secrets of Endier (1995) Cover Artist
Sword and Crown (1995) Cover Artist
Warlock of the Stonecrowns (1995) Concept Artist
The Serpent's Eye #1 (1996) Cover Artist
Further examples of his artwork are:

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