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Thread: Passage of Time

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    Passage of Time

    Has anybody developed a set of rules to reflect the passage of time (ie- rolls to see if somone falls sick, has a child, has a child die, etc...) I'm thinking about running a game with my local group where every turn is a year rather than a season, as I'd like to play up the dynastic elements more.

    Any suggestions would be swell...
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    A combination of the "King Arthur Pendragon" RPG 'winter phase' campaign rules and the aging rules in the D&D 3/3.5 Core books should be a good fit.

    I've used the "Pendragon" system in several 'long-term' games and can't recommend them enough. The "adventure in summer; train, farm and raise heirs during winter" system is quite abstract, but a good fit for a Birthright dynastic game. It's also a veritable gold-mine of family plot complications.

    I'd recommend "Pendragon" as a great non-D&D source for Birthright (along with "Ars Magica" for the source regents). The character creation chapter in the former game has sections where you roll up your father and grandfather's great deeds, and pick up some flavourful grudges, plot hooks and family feuds. The latter is good for 'uniquely powerful and umbrageous cliquey social elite' background and staging flavour.
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