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Thread: Best pbem ever!

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    Lightbulb Best pbem ever!

    Ok guys, just to put a few flames in the discussions:

    What is the best pbem you have ever played in?

    Please do not mention pbems you have DMed. It is not noble enough to be considered BR attitude!

    I will post the results once the topic has been thoroughly discussed
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    One of the first i ever played in was ItSod (in the shadows of deismaar)
    I had alot of fun playng Tuarhievel since turn 3 or so. I learned alot about domain rules because of that game.
    Damn we (the elves) were so close to taking over the whole northern marches *evil grin* and almost none of the other rulers were aware.
    Unfortunate Patrick (the last DM we played under) tried to cut down our income by letting us loose battles that costed us hundreds and hundreds of gold so we couldnt take over the total goblin provinces. (total income was over 200GB per turn of tuarhievel and The Elven Guilds of Tuarhievel & the Sielwode AND Kingdom of Cruaiddruinn (ruled by ruandice (and rhoubhe) but seperated to let the other rulers believe that we didnt take part in the human anihilation)

    i think quite some peeps from BRnet played in it.

    If my memory is correct it was started by Andy 'rulebook' Olesen, but later had more DM's for each region.

    funny to see some of the old pages in the way-back-machine
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    It would have to be

    Ok, I said it! Now can I have all my holdings back please?


    It really is a good game, and if you see any openings advertised, it is still going and you can join.

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    Ruins of Empire - agreed. The DMs are reamarkable in their ability to keep up with all the players, the game has been going on for over FIVE YEARS, the style is easily the closest to what I imagined Birthright could become that I've ever seen (I'm shamelessly borrowing rules and numbers for my own tabletop game) and, thanks largely to DM guidance and example, the in-character behavior and communication is exceptional. I'd given up on finding a game this good.

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    Cool ^^;

    Yeah Ruins of Empire is best BR PBeM I ever played, and most probably one of best BPeMs in general. DMs are so dedicated that it borders insanity, players are real elite, and it makes me go crazy waiting my Domain Report from turn to turn, like its my first.
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    Hand-down of every game I have ever played, RoE has been the greatest. I have played the IHH since about turn 19 and honestly it has been one of the greatest stories I have ever been a part of, and easily the best representation of BR I have ever seen.

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    Ruins of Empire goes above and beyond what all other PBeMs have ever succeeded at... it has come alive!

    The domains, realms and rulers have taken unusual turns and twists down the roads of fate, and over the course of many years of game play... giving it, its own history and uniqueness.

    The reason for the games success is no secret however, it falls to one of the most dedicated and devoted DMs I have ever come across.

    The game is not overrun by egocentric players, it is not populated by board-game conquerors, the DM has proven strong enough to keep the game pure, even if that means alienating some players in the proccess.

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    I've only played in one BR PBeM.

    It took place in 2005, and was called Embers of the Empire. I think it was run by Fearless Leader.

    The game looked quite promising, and I ended up as the IHH. Not a bad domain. Spent quite some time detailing the regent and various minor characters.

    I got a bit frustrated because the game quickly started to look at lot like pre WW1 Europe, with a couple of Grand Alliances. As soon as someone did anything, or even hinted that they were doing something, the other side threatened with massive retaliation.

    The game folded after only a few turns. I quite right before it folded, after trying to find some other players to work with, but sadly none of the domains in my neighborhood managed to get some stable and committed players. And the DM didn't have the capacity to run them as NPC domains either, so I was left in a vacuum.

    All in all it was a nice game I think, which had potential, but that got squashed by the sad phenomenon that seems to kile so many BR games early on. But then again I don't have much to compare my exerience with.
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    Thumbs up

    "Ruins of Empire"

    It combines two important points:
    - it runs on and on and on and on (compared to other PBEMs which last only a few turns)
    - the DM´s try to bring the game world alive, e.g. even NPC regents or NPCs among a PC regents followers have a mind of their own and act according to their own agendas - this is far more enjoyable for me than to e.g. see in a game players ally with players despite their realms being bitter enemies since centuries to gang up on NPCs where none cares if their realms are plundered and divided
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    I havent been playing long enough....ive been in quiet a few PBEMs that just died off before it went anywhere.DMs just cutting and running without any explanation whatsoever disgust me.

    The first, and by virtue of that, PBEM that i have been playing the longest would be RoE.Its survived for quite a while.......impressingly. Its got its own very detailed game rules and it breaks realms up into a series of small realms ruled by the other nobles of the realm. While this is more has the unfornate side effect of creating more book keeping and of cutting down the resources available directly to the original realm ruler. In fact thats another point......turn processing takes quite a few weeks usually because of the amount of NPC realms that need full DOs.We are talking dozens here.

    One part i dont like is that the game is very concentrated into a rather small area. Most of the openings left(infact all if im not mistaken) are small, minor domains......a bit limited in choices.

    The other PBEMs im in havent progressed far enough for me to make a decision.

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