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    Just thought I'd let people know about a new game called Crusader Kings. It is a strategy game set in medieval Europe in the years 1066-1453. It has rulers, dynasties, feudal fiefs, armies, provinces, all that stuff we have and love in Birthright. I've been playing it for several weeks now and can only recommend it to any BR player. Here's a link to the game's website:

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    I don't have the game yet, but I'm picking it up soon. I am only just now weaning myself from this game developer's WW2 global strategy game Hearts of Iron. Paradox makes extremely detailed games. I'm confident you will not be disappointed in this game due to a lack of depth or detail - their games are extremely heavy on both. Here's a review.


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    yeah it looks like a very complex and detailed... very cool find, heheh after reading the review it looks like hours of free headaches trying to figure out how to maintan the loyalty of vassals, conintue to conquer new realms while not upsetting your allies or enemies too much, gain new titles, ect. ect. ect.

    Damn that looks like fun.
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