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    This topic could be used for housrules

    Currently Im not so satisfied by the way blood abilityes are handled.

    I dont like the idee of ruling blood type thet only alows acsess to a list of abs.
    I think its to formalised.

    What I came up with last nigth when I was going to bed was somthing I thougt of as briliant. A bit complex. but I still like it now the morning after.

    What if the blood abs had alignment of there own. And ego like powerfull items.

    Now when you create your character, you have his bloodline, or history.
    The history gives you the list of abilitys your charater can have acsess to. So you dont have acsess to any of the abilityes thet no one of your line/history has had.

    If the abilitys an alignment difrent to yours you save agenst the abilitys ego

    the save is based on what the ability is. chancing form is perhaps a fort save while gaining a spelllike ability is perhaps a will save.

    The total ego points of your abilitys combined can not be graiter then your blood score.

    the graitness of the ability is now mesured by its ego score.

    Now an example.

    I have here a LG paladin
    with Bloodscore of 15
    and blood abilitys
    "Higthen ability cha" LG of EGO 10
    "Bloodmark" LN of EGO 5

    Now he slays a CE creature
    with Bloodscore of 35
    and blood abilitys
    "aura of doom" CE of Ego 25
    "withering tuch" NE of Ego 10

    By a critical blow trow the hart, he instantly gains higer bloodscore. but in the process he must save versus the abilityes of his foe.
    "aura of doom" faild save
    "withering tuch" saved

    if we use the slayn blood*10 for RP we get 350RP

    15*4 = 60
    + 16*4 = 124
    + 17*4 = 192
    + 18*4 = 264
    + 19*4 = 340

    So the New blood score is 19

    But how sould we calculate the new ego points of the abilityes
    he sould have

    "aura of doom" CE of Ego 25
    "Higthen ability cha" LG of EGO 10
    "Bloodmark" LN of EGO 5

    But as this is not possible with only a score of 19 the older abilityes must save agenst the new manifested ability. just like items on a character when a fireball hits him.

    "Bloodmark" gets lucky and saves
    "Higthen ability +1 cha" fails his save
    So the newly gaind ability has ego of 14 and is downgraided in power.

    0 no manifestasion / minor visible marks of no power
    1-10 Minor ability
    11-20 Major ability
    21+ Great ability

    The new LG paladin is
    with Bloodscore of 19
    and blood abilitys
    "aura of doom" CE of Ego 14
    "Bloodmark" LG of EGO 5
    "Higthen ability cha" LN of EGO 0

    this paladin has a conflict with his blood. tread his conflicting blood as a magic item with strong EGO


    Iv been thinking about this during the day. and I have some questions.

    I was thinking of having each type of blood as its own ability.

    So in order to have Azary Dominant in your blood. he would have to have some EGO. This represeant not only the fact thet you have been in contact with Azary's blood. But his character is now in your blood. Trying to manipulate you.

    Note, if PC almost looses his controle of the character by means of his blood, the character becomes a NPC, like in ravenloft.

    I have come up with a investitour action of inner conflict witch can be used with this system of blood.

    When the regent finds out thet he has unwanted efects about him. he can contest this efect, efectively returning to a better way. Now in order to do this. the regent must spend RP in order to boost one of his Bloods abilityes EGO's (one RP spent gives +1 EGO for one action) Then he spends his action in inner conflict where the aided blood contests the unwanted blood. But this action can backfire. For the contested blood is alowed a save. if it passes its save, it can now atempt to contest the rival blood.

    What hapens when I have a blood increas. or if I have higer blood score then I have blood abilityes total EGO.

    well, one of the blood abilityes will increas its ego to fully empower the total bloodscore. The Blood ability thet recives the score is determand randomly by the value of its EGO. RP can be spent in order to supress one of the abilityes ego or to increas it. This will alow the strongest ability the most chence to gain power, and it will alow the player to modify the outcome by using RP. This will slow regents down thet have unfavorable mix of abilityes.


    what do you, good folks of this side, think of this?

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    > did you read my "ego" post
    It`s gonna take me awhile to further develop my opinions about it. On
    the one hand, it sounds really cool but on the other hand it doesn`t
    sound all that different from requiring a skill check or something. By
    `ego` your talking about a check DC and nothing more, right? Your blood
    ability isn`t gonna go off on its own or show signs of being manic
    depressive or anything...

    We`ll see. I`m not sure what to make of it yet. But yeah I saw it.
    Thanks for posting it.

    --Lord Rahvin
    the feel I was trying to get here is the inner conflict of a regent thet is batteling with unwanted blood within his vains.

    the feel of a good and kind ruler, thet had apperad to be a good ruler before. and is now corruped by foul blood. Bu not turning the regent rigth away one way or a noter. the regent can keep his power. slowly corupting his realm along with his own coruption. Without anyone there taking notice rigt away, until its to late.

    a nother effort is to express the blend of bloodlines. when breeding the blooded in order to gain strong bloodlines. you will have more complex issues to deal with. wether one ability will have the overhand over the other.

    I hav had more then one idee how the personalityes of the old gods sould afect the regent.

    1. every ability has a personality.
    2. the personality is a seperaid ability. where tha goals of the old god will still be alive. afecting the regent. this can alow a PC to play out a inner conflict betvine himselfe and the blood.
    3. the personality of the blood is tied to the shape ability. where the personality of the old god in will always manifest itselfe by chansing the regents form. Bloodform. thent it will only be based on the personality of the divine whether the regents starts chansing his form or not.

    I have also been thinking about the ability of the regent to manifest his own personality as a blood ability. So his goals can be carried on to the next carrier of the blood. Even so thet the regent dosent realy die if he has this ability. but lives on in the blood of his new hoast, lives on as blood ability with its own ego. and can manipulate in a difrent manner then ever before.

    its the Conflict them Im after. when the regents has a inner conflict it can be fun to play. Now how this shall manifest it selfe in the hous-rules of the DMs is up to them.

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