The Vulture of Vosgaard, domain and character description:

The Vulture of Vosgaard has recently taken up residence in the uninhabited

mountainous provinces of Rovninodensk; Pavstrakhan, Glaznyy and

Urgtau. His control there has been uncontested even by Petra Morinoi who

has several powerful source holdings in those provinces. It is widely

suspected that Petra has made a bargain with the awnshegh. If the Vulture

keeps those lands unspoiled then Petra Morinoi will not interfere with his

control of those lands.

In recent months Andrei Tcherninky, ruler of Rovninodensk has begun paying

a 50gp bounty for the heads of vultures brought to his headquarters in

Rovnograd. He has also made in known that he will give a 3GB reward to

anyone who brings him the head of the Vulture himself. This rash move that

many wiser people believe will only further incite the awnshegh. Parties

of adventurers have begun to flock to Rovninodensk in hopes of collecting

the reward. The Vulture is believed to have several hidden aeries in his

mountainous demesne, however, and little that goes on in his domain escapes

the eyes of his vulture followers, so anyone attempting such a feat is sure

to face a difficult battle with a prepared and vicious foe.

The similarities between the two awnsheghlien has produced several rumors

that the Vulture has some relationship with his neighbor the Raven. Both

creatures embody so called "death birds" that feed upon the dead and

dying. They each are ambitious creatures in their own way, and seem to

have a similar spite for their human neighbors, so they would indeed seem

to be natural allies. Some speculate that they have an agreement or even

that the Vulture is a vassal of the Raven and part of an overall campaign

to invade Rovninodensk. Neither awnshegh, however, has commented upon any

such relationship (a silence that is uncharacteristic for both) so a

connection between the two remains unknown.

The Vulture of Vosgaard

Medium Awnshegh

Hit Dice: 2d6+2, 8d8+8 (58 hp)

Initiative: +6 (+2 dexterity, +4 improved initiative)

Speed: 30 ft, fly 60 ft (average)

AC: 16 (+2 dex, +4 natural)

Attacks: 2 claws +21 melee

Damage: claws 1d6+1, beak 1d8

Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +2d6

Special Qualities: Evasion, Trap Finding/Trap Sense +1, Animal


Saves: Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +3

Abilities: Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 16

Skills: Animal Empathy +11, Bluff +9, Diplomacy +8, Gather Information

+8, Intimidate +20, Knowledge, royalty +7, Move Silently +6, Profession,

merchant +4, Sense Motive +4, Spot +10

Feats: Improved Initiative, Leadership (Leadership score 17), Toughness

Climate/Terrain: Mountainous

Organization: Flock

Challenge Rating: 11

Treasure: Standard

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Advancement: By character class

Bloodline: Azrai, major, 32.

Bloodline in BP Style: Az (8/32) BForm(3) AnAf(7/0/1)

The Vulture retains little of his human form. His arms have transformed

into giant wings, and his feet have grown thick talons. He disdains

clothing as his body is covered with black feathers, but he does wear some

jewelry--the only human characteristic his physical appearance

retains. The Vulture`s face has taken on the bald, hideous looks typical

of his totemic animal including a vicious beak and thick mottled skin. His

eyes are solid black.

Despite these changes the Vulture`s voice is unchanged from his original

human form. He is soft spoken and polite when necessary and is not adverse

to turning on the charm when it serves his purposes.


The Vulture prefers to avoid direct confrontation unless he is confident

of victory. Whenever possible he and his followers will attack with

surprise. Both he and his elite followers are cunning opponents and are

more likely to lure an aggressor into an ambush, and employ hit and run

tactics rather than fight toe to toe. They always attack in groups and

will flee if faced with single combat.

Diminished Hands (Dis): The Vultures arms and hands have been

transformed into wings so that he is no longer able to manipulate weapons

or pick up objects as would a normal human. The Vulture can only pick up

and wield items of size tiny.

Pounce (Ex): If the Vulture dives or leaps upon a foe during the first

round of combat he can attack with both his claw attacks even if he has

already taken a move action.

Animal Affinity (Bld): The Vulture gets a +3 bonus on any skill check

made when interacting with vultures. He may also control as if with the

Animal Friendship spell a total of 22 HD of vultures. The Vulture can

speak with vultures, and he can communicate with them telepathically within

30` as a full round action and can sense their emotions empathically at 60`.

Skills: The Vulture gains a +3 bonus to intimidate checks due to his

fearsome appearance (bloodform ability.)

Followers: The Vulture travels only in the company of a flock

vultures. Many of these animals (up to 22HD) are typical of their kind

(description of vultures to follow) and follow the Vulture due to his

Animal Affinity blood ability, but he is also accompanied by several

_awakened_ versions of the species. These "elite" vultures can have one or

more levels in standard character classes, most often that of fighters or

rogues. These intelligent animals are fanatically loyal to the Vulture,

and act as his cohorts and lieutenants. There are over thirty of these

awakened creatures in the Vulture`s following, and an unknown number of

them in the mountainous regions of Rovninodensk and nearby lands.