Here`s the write up of The Gremlin that I promised a few weeks back....

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"This is pretty thing here, yes? Is it costly? Is it needful? Can it

break? I unmake it, yes. See it creaking? Feel it crumble? Worthless

now is it? Not to me. Heeheehee! I am builder me. Makes me much piles

of broken things. Much work to do. Lots to unmake. Glass to

shatter. Tear and tatter. Bowstrings slack. Shields to

crack. Swordblades bent. Armor dent. So many things made to make

unmade. Unmake them all! I am unmaker me! Unmake, unmake, unmake!"

"A bit of wood. It pins this wagon wheel. I take it. Watch the wagon

fall when dray man go. The castle gate. It on pulley there. I put bit of

wood in there. Yes, this glue here to keep strong. Gate is down, and

stays there now. That chain so long. I make this link the weakest

one. Now whole chain is weak as this one, see? Chain will break when

pulled too hard to loose the stubborn pulley, yes? Gate will fall and

break and bend. Guards will curse. Stuck are they inside the castle

strong. But not for long...."

"That stone--it holds much. So small a thing to be the crutch. It hold

the arch and the arch the wall. Not much work to make it loose. Castle

crumbling. Tower tumbling. Walls topple. All is rubble! Oh,

rapture! Oh, bliss! They fall into beautifulness. Broken things on

broken people, lying beneath a fallen steeple. My art! My joy! These

twisted puppets are my toys. Unmake, unmake, unmake...."

"Much to unmake, and life to take. Builders proud of things so

strong. Think their things will last and last, and so will they. I prove

them wrong! Mines collapse. Ships sink. Bridges break. Must to

work! Unmake, unmake, unmake...."

The Gremlin is a malicious awnsheghlien who loves to wreak havoc upon

anything man made. Though he enjoys destroying all things built or

manufactured, he takes especial pleasure when his sabotage injures or kills


While his exact origins are unknown it is believed that the Gremlin was

born the son of a goblin chief in Thurazor. Always a mischievous and

destructive child when his pleasure in breaking things grew deadly he was

chased from the warrens that were his home. Now he delights in tormenting

the lands of Cerilia.

Several attempts have been made to appease the Gremlin when he has

appeared, but none seem to be successful. It appears the he simply moves

on when satisfied with the destruction he has caused and he strikes new

locations at random. He has appeared to pass by various locations without

having caused significant damage there is no pattern to his thinking

regarding what community will attract his attention, and no way of

discerning what puts him in the mood to move on when he does take to a

community. Unfortunately, the mood rarely strikes him until after he has

caused much harm to the local infrastructure.

The Gremlin is an expert at hiding and lurking in the shadows, going about

his "work" unnoticed. His presence usually goes unknown until his work

comes to fruition, and by then it`s too late. It generally takes the

Gremlin a week or two to scout out a location, noting the weaknesses in the

local architecture and the routines of the people who live in and around

it. He is a keen observer of behavior (using his Sense Motive skill) and

he often plans his destruction to coincide to the most vulnerable time in a

community`s schedule in which the most destruction and loss of life will

occur. While scouting, the Gremlin will perform minor acts of sabotage and

vandalism to appease his destructive nature and prepare for greater acts to

come. He excels at making such minor acts look like the results of normal

wear and tear rather than an intentional act. (DC 20 Search check to

detect his vandalism.)

The Gremlin views his destruction as an artistic endeavor. He orchestrates

it like an opera. His traps and the "accidents" that they create start out

slowly but soon build up to a grand crescendo of destruction and

death. The final movement of his tortured music is always the wails of the

dying and ends with his own staccatto laughter.

The Gremlin`s appearance in a domain can be used as the equivalent of a

Magical Event random event (Rulebook pp 43-44.)

The Gremlin

Small Awnsheghlien

Hit Dice: 4d6, 5d8 + 18 (48hp)

Initiative: +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)

Speed: 30 ft.

AC: 19 (+1 size, +4 dex, +4 natural)

Attacks: Claws +5

Damage: 2 claws 1d4

Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks: Ignore hardness.

Special Qualities: Darkvision

Saves: Fort +4, Reflex +10, Will +3

Abilities: Sneak Attack +2d6, Evasion.

Skills: Balance +6, Climb +7, Craft-Trapmaker +15, Disable Device +15,

Escape Artist +11, Hide +17, Jump +9, Move Silently +17, Sense Motive +7,

Spot +7, Tumble +13

Feats: Improved Initiative, Dodge, Mobility, Improved Unarmed Strike,


Climate/Terrain: Any land

Organization: Solitary

Challenge Rating: 9

Treasure: No coin, double standard

Alignment: Chaotic evil

Blood Abilities: Bloodform (major), Touch of Decay (great)

Blood Abilities in BP Format: Az(9/33) BForm(4) SForm(3)* ToD(3)*

* These blood abilities are gained from levels of the awnsheghlien

prestige class. Also note that the Gremlin`s Hide and Move Silently totals

should be +21 when using BP and he gains Darkvision as an ability.

The Gremlin`s transformation has reduced his size and appearance

dramatically. Once a typical goblin adolescent, he has been transfigured

by the curse of Azrai into a small, misshapen being roughly four feet in

height, pot-bellied and hunched. His arms are disproportionately long for

his body and turned akimbo. The Gremlin`s skin is a variety of shades of

avocado and puce--giving him a camouflage effect when hiding in shadows or

out of doors or in the shadows. Overall his body has shrunk in size so

that he is now only a little over 3` tall. It would appear, however, that

his facial features have not changed in size. In fact, they have

grown. His eyes are bulbous protruding, his nose grown long and crooked,

and his yellow toothed mouth seems impossibly broad for his tiny head. The

Gremlin`s fingers are long, dexterous and tipped by sharp black nails with

which he can deliver a vicious attack.


The Gremlin avoids combat, preferring to attack only with surprise and then

to use his Hide in Plain sight ability to escape. If prevented from

fleeing he will fight with his claws.

Touch of Decay: With a touch attack the Gremlin can inflict up to 3d8 + 12

damage in a 24 hour period. He may inflict this damage in increments of

1d8 + 4. This damage ignores hardness. (The Gremlin usually reserves this

ability for his sabotage efforts, but will use it to defend himself.)