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    A couple of weeks ago someone posted some info on the names of the 12 houses of the Andu. I was wondering if you could either point me to this, or post it again as it is needed.
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    Hey Raesene...quite unorthodox, as this has nothing to do with the 12 houses!

    It has to do with The Atlas of Cerilia....Bryon Switala suggested that I speak with you regarding material related to write-ups....and I don´t know your e-mail so....

    Could you please send it to my email?

    Thx The Masetian:p

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    Points out to this site:

    The Twelve Tribes of the Andu:
    The following section is directly from Solmyr's site, with only a few alterations made.
    The basis of Anuirean system of nobility is the Twelve Tribes of Andu, which spread across Anuire founding the Twelve Duchies. The list of the Tribes and the Duchies is given below.

    Original Tribe Ruling Family Duchy Notes
    Aeloran, First Tribe of the Andu Avan Avanil Continues in direct descent to this day.
    Boru, Second Tribe of the Andu Boeruine Boeruine Continues in direct descent to this day.
    Mhora, Third Tribe of the Andu Mhoried Mhoried Continues in direct descent to this day.
    Elaime, Fourth Tribe of the Andu Alam Alamie Continues in direct descent to this day.
    Deretha, Fifth Tribe of the Andu Diem Diemed Continues in direct descent to this day. The tribe of the Deretha was nearly brought to extinction in a series of bloody wars with the Spiderlord in the centuries before Deismaar.
    Aeren, Seventh Tribe of the Andu Aeren/ Swordwraith Aerenwe Continues in direct descent to this day. Swordwraith is an appelation applied to the regents of Aerenwe due to their possession of the legendary longsword named 'Wraith.'
    Bheallach, Seventh Tribe of the Andu Tuorel Bhalaene Line died out with the formation of Ghoere.
    Elin, Eighth Tribe of the Andu Elin Elinie The last Elin was deposed and slain by Daouta ibn Hammoud, a Khinasi adventurer; the line is thought to have ended with him. Daouta's family has traditionally brought brides from the Khinasi lands, maintaining their Khinasi heritage relatively pure.
    Gehaiste, Ninth Tribe of the Andu Ghieste Ghieste Line died out with the formation of Ghoere.
    Duireina, Tenth Tribe of the Andu Durien Taeghas The last of the Duriens was killed by Rhuobhe Manslayer only recently, paving the way for Harald Khorien (who is of a cadet branch) to inherit Taeghas.
    Brosen, Eleventh Tribe of the Andu Brosen Brosengae Line died out.
    Carel, Twelfth Tribe of the Andu Cariele Cariele Line died out in Cariele and was replaced with the Gladanil family. Due to marriage, the Cariele's came to inherit Coeranys, retaining the title of Duke (though this is of questionable legality, though few have challenged it).

    The actual numbering of the tribes technically has no particular effect on precedence, though some rulers have tried to make it so, especially those of the higher-numbered families.
    Raesene, Haelyn, and Roele were born to the First Lord of the Andu. The First Lords originally came into being when the other Andu tribes elected a lord to help lead their migration from Aduria during the Flight from Shadow. The First Lords, their tribe destroyed by the followers of Azrai during the Flight, settled on the banks of River Maesil and founded what would later become the City of Anuire. Though they continued to use the title after the settlement on Cerilia, the First Lords held no power over the other tribes. The last First Lord was killed in the War of Shadow (some say by Raesene, his bastard son). As is recorded in the histories elsewhere, Haelyn would become a god while Roele founded the Anuirean Empire and Raesene became the Gorgon.

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