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Westwold is a flat rural province within the Burrows. It is mainly a farming community but much of the land to the north on its border with Rheulgard is covered in forests.

[top]The Land

Westwold is the true centre of the the industry of the Burrows. With widespread farming and production centres, this is where the wealth is generated. Many of the businesses are either allied with the major estates or only deal with the local markets. The land is marked by fields marked with stone and wicker fences, hedges and dirt roads.

The forest to the north is used for timber but some landowners want to tame it and add to their estates. There are trade trails north to Beuraben in Rheulgard or west to Erystwyth of the Coulladaraight, but they are not as regularly travelled as those to Sendoure. In fact, with there being no clear border between those lands and the Burrows, the ownership of the lands in the forest are not always agreed upon.


Many of the workers live in small villages on the estates in which they work. The main markets and trading centres are in the three major towns - Jansonsten, Bailey-by-the-Bye and Postingate.

Bailey-by-the-Bye is the largest town in the province. It was initially a village with a small water-mill that was a little south of the main route through Westwold. Using the rocks strewn over local fields, the locals fenced in an area nearby so they could run a weekly stock market. With the Briary Creek on one side and marked by simple stone walls, this became known as the bailey by the Br'y (though some claim the mill owner at the time was named Bayley), though outsiders called it the Bailey-by-the-Bye, because of its insignificance. However, over time, the nearby farms grew and brought wealth into the area. The population increased and with that new industries sprung up and the small village became a large town. The market was moved, but the mill remained, even though it was now more of a place of interest rather than place of production.

Postingate was originally a guard point near the border with Sendoure but now it is a trade town, with many merchants travelling through between the realms. It is not a center of production, except to meet local needs, but it is more cosmopolitan than any other town in the province.

Jansonsten is to the north of the province. It caters more for the timber industries and small scale farms near the northern forest. This area is less about the big business, but is still a vital part of the Westwold economy.


The Fenstone Estate is part of a major industrial center owned by Lothar Fenstone, the province's councilor. It is located near Bailey-by-the-Bye, which Lothar likes to think he controls. The estate includes the Fenstone residence.



The main regents are:
Other major figures are:

Major estates have been established, with the landowners gaining power, prestige and reputation.

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • ''Bandits to the north" - Is this a crime group or is just someone trying to keep people out of the forest?
  • "Style of Sendoure" - Talid ibn Nassad is back, promoting Sendoure fashion, but some are fearing the increased influence of Sendoure in Westwold, especially in Postingate.
  • "Trading blows" - The Artisans and Freeholders agency claims that Lothar Fenstone is behind an attack on a business owner in Bailey-by-the-Bye.

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