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The exact origins of the Tarienese horse have been lost over time. Some believe they are descendants of the original horses brought by the Boru. Regardless of these ancient beginnings it is known that the native mares of the Tarienese region of Boeruine were mated with cold blooded Rjurik stallions. By the time of the end of the Empire the Tarienese was widely recognized as outstanding for his substance and soundness, as well as for his characteristic beauty and style.
Tarienese have considerable size and weight and make excellent heavy battle mounts. They are noted for heavy muscling and for an aspect of ruggedness and power. Also characteristic of the Tarienese is clean action and precision of the feet and legs. The breed is close coupled, wide and deep through the chest, with plenty of back rib. The muscles of the forearms as well as ease and balance of gait is typical of the breed. The Tarienese is expected to be of good temperament and be an easy keeper. The breed is reputed to be proud, alert, and intelligent. They are generally very gentle horses, well-suited for driving, and are strong and willing workers. The Tarienese is readily adapted to varying climates and conditions. They have the strength to pull heavy loads and the graceful style to pull a fine carriage.
Tarienese make good Destriers and can be very formidable warhorses. As a Palfrey or Courser, training is required to quicken the horse and overcome its solidity and bulk. Tarienese are also favored for hunting boar on the Western Coast and parts of the Heartlands.
Tarienese receive the following adjustments +1 Con, -2 Dex, and the Fearless Feat.

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