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Swords of Kartathok


Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Status: Not Available for PCs

The goblin followers of Kartathok (a.k.a. "The Big Boss") control several temples in Urga-Zai. Dargal boasts that his realm contains several "true" goblin shamans who wield what he considers awesome powers; he often insists that they join his forces on raids. Though much of their time is taken up with the intricate and often incomprehensible rituals of Kartathok, the goblin shamans usually cooperate, since "It's what the Big Boss would want".


[top]Teaching and Doctrine


[top]Major Centers of Worship

The only real place of worship is the House of Skulls, a crude single-story stone temple built many years ago in the capital province of Draga-Zai. It houses many ancient skulls which represent the spirits of ancient brave and valiant warriors dead in battle.

[top]Important NPCs

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