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Most of the goblins and other humanoids in Urga-Zai agree that the land needs a "king", and the blooded Dargal has both the skills and ability role. The office of goblin king is a strange one - tough acknowledged as the ruler of Urga-Zai, the king exercises little real authority, but on occasion leads the chaotic flood of troops which serves as his "army" into battle beneath his black minotaur-skull banner. For his part, Dargal doesn't bother his various chieftains and warlords with petty orders or supervision regarding the maintenance and management of their disparate realms, but does dream of a day when his authority spreads all across the Highlands, conquering elves,
dwarves, and humans and even challenging the power of the awnsheghlien. In this spirit, he generally refers to himself (and insists that his immediate servants do likewise) as "Dargal the Great," though his other nickname (never spoken in his presence) is "Dargal the Pest."

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