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A divine bard allows easier multi-classing of bards with clerics and druids, rather than wizards, especially using a cumulative magic system, like spell points. A divine bard also suggests that the patron deity plays a large role in the life of the bard.
The class features are not altered for the divine bards, including the skald. Rather, instead of being an arcane spellcaster, bards are divine spellcasters who select Erik, Cuiraécen, or Laerme as their patron.

[top]Playing a Divine Bard

When a bard selects Erik as a patron, he must have a lawful alignment. Erik's bards are masters of natural lore, the history of the bard's people, and their culture. Their songs and poems are entertaining chronicles of heroic struggles, repeated to guide the bard's people into an uncertain future.
When a bard selects Cuiraécen as a patron, he takes on the mantle of a herald. They serve a diplomats, negotiators, and when the multi-class is fighters, they serve as knights and champions as well.
When a bard selects Laerme as a patron, he performs for the love of the art. They seek mastery of their art and excellence in performance.

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