Salt is a dietary mineral that is essential for animal life, but toxic to most land plants. Salt flavor is one of the basic tastes, and salt is the most popular food seasoning. Salt is also an important preservative.
Most commonly thought simply as a spice, salt is in fact mainly used as a preservative for meat, fish and hides. Incidental consumption of salt from the preserving process of meats provides more than enough salt for nutrition and also influences taste, so that many people expect and even desire the taste of salt in their food because they are accustomed to the taste of preserved meats. Indeed the taste of salt in preserved meats has led directly to the trade in pepper between the nations of Anuire and Khinasi, pepper is one of the few spices to mask the taste of overly salted meat, and so is common on every household table where preserved meats are eaten. The pepper trade in Anuire comes mainly via Ilien and the constant trade enriched the city to the point that it became a major trading hub centuries ago.
Salt for human consumption is obtained from one of two forms forms, sea salt and rock salt. It is obtained from sea water or rock deposits, respectively. Edible rock salts may be slightly grayish in color due to this mineral content. Rock salt is mined much as with any other mineral, mining salt is common in the north of Cerilia. In Anuire and Khinasi most salt is sea salt, seawater is allowed to flood shallow basins which are then sealed, the hot summer sun then evaporates the water leaving the salt to be gathered. Nobles in Halskapa and Brechtur prefer to import 'pure' sea salt than consume mined rock salt due to the clean purity of the white sea-salt blocks.
One of the key trading goods throughout Cerilia, salt is vital for the prosperity of any realm. In Cerilia most salt is produced in Khinasi (some of which is exported to Brechtur unless captured by the pirates of Yeninskiy) and in Anuire (some of which is exported to the Rjurik)

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