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[top]The Rjurik and True arcane magic

The Rjurik are famously unfriendly towards wizards and arcane magic. This is not because the Rjurik abhor such magic, Erik is afterall married to Avani who welcomes magic and ally to Ruornil who is patron of all wizards, rather it is because of Rjurik history.
As elsewhere in Cerilia, true magic was first encountered by the settlers migrating from Aduria at the hands of the sidhe. After the initial bitter battles with the sidhe true magic was encountered during the War of the Shadow when Azrai's minions used it against the Rjurik. With such inauspicious beginnings in is unsurprising that the Rjurik preferred to put their faith in druidic magic, and the long procession of wizards who have sought power in 'the empty wilderness' and dominated tribes of Rjurik through magic until destroyed by the druids has entrenched the view. A small amount of tolerance is present in the more civilised Taelshore, and Fulgar the Bold of Rjuvik permits not one but two wizards within his lands. In the north where memories of the Sorcerors who dominated the land until destroyed by the White Witch are fresh the clansmen rarely tolerate a wizard in their presence.

[top]The Rjurik and lesser arcane magic

Skalds are welcomed across the land, their magic provided by Laerme daughter of Great Erik and their role in society bound tightly into the ways of the Rjurik. Magicians (often seers) are viewed distantly, if generally without malice if they adhere to various societal roles (adviser to a lord or affiliated with a druidic order, hermit, etc). While some sages see a contradicition in these views to the treatment and views of wielders of True magic, the pivotal role of skalds in particular in Rjurik society leads any concerns over their magic to be overlooked or seen as 'safe' given the blessings of the druids.

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