Riegon Elivri

Male Anuirean cleric 1 Rogue 3 Scion 1; CR:5

Riegon Elivri is the Sacred Minister of Mountainsedge for the Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie. He was not born to noble blood, but won it in an unexpected combat. Born into a family with ties to the thieves' guild, Riegon began a promising career as a fence in Cariele. On one occasion, a scion of the house of Griflet in Mountainsedge came to Riegon feigning to want to purchase a necklace or some other bauble on the cheap. This knight tricked Riegon into showing him an article originally stolen from the sister of the knight. The knight attacked, and Riegon should have been killed, but some stroke of luck allowed Riegon to kill the knight with a dagger concealed by the fence. Unbenownst to Riegon, he had stolen at least part of the knight's bloodline. Greatly surprised by his good luck, Riegon committed himself to a deeper devotion to Lady Luck. While Riegon continued to fence stolen goods, he also began to rise in the clergy of Sarimie. Only recently, Larra Nielems suspected Riegon a scion, and surreptitiously cast the spell Know Bloodline. Riegon was promoted in the church as a result.

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