Rage of Mauglyk

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Time, seasons, and holidays » Rage of Mauglyk
Winter has always been a difficult time for the goblins, for their food stores are often inadequate for all members of their tribes to survive until spring. This festival originated in a raid three centuries ago into Mhoried by goblins from Markazor.
A great goblin, Mauglyk was furious after barely surviving a beating by the Knights Guardians. Mauglyk decided to avenge himself on the first humans he came upon, he set fire to a farmstead in Dhalsiel, to his surprise the flames spread well, for the winter had been cold but dry. The farmers perished in the flames, or were easy targets for his bow when staggering from the burning building. Mauglyk went home heartened by the destruction and toting a large sack of looted food.
Nowadays the goblins celebrate the passage of mid-winter with raids on isolated farmsteads, they fire burning arrows and throw torches to start fires and either glory in the flames (if the tribe has substantial food reserves) or take advantage of the chaos to loot the farmer?s food stores (if not), frequently they do both.
The Rage of Mauglyk occurs during late winter, similar festivities are carried out by goblin realms elsewhere in Cerilia for much the same reason ? goblins across Cerilia love the sight of flames destroying a farm, the sound of terrified victims, and the prospect of easy loot.

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