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Petropavinsk Woodhewers


Acc. Regency


Status: Recommended

[top]Commerce and Production

Unfortunately for the Petropavinsk Woodhewers, their attempts at trade have failed, resulting in little money. If Pavel has more than 3 GB in his treasury at any time, it would surprise anyone.

[top]Centers of Trade



The Hook River Guild might provide financial support in a pinch.
Army/Navy: Pavel Suderaght has no standing army. Each of his provinces, however, could muster one Vos levy (no cost of time and money) in response to any attack.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Petropavinsk Woodhewers
Aykbun, Lutkhovsky (0/8)--PV (0)-
Kolinau, Lutkhovsky (1/8)--PV (1)-
Pavisk, Lutkhovsky (2/7)PV (1)ToS (2)PV (2)-
Petnoi, Lutkhovsky (4/5)PV (2)ToS (3)PV (4)-
Tzubinstak, Lutkhovsky (1/8)SV (1)TB (1)PV (1)-
Abbreviations: PV = Pavel Suderaght (Petropavinsk Woodhewers); SV = Sorid Vorskridder (Surzek); TB = Thurag Blackscale (Devastation of Maglubiyet); ToS = Temple of Sirova.

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