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Arms of PechalinnArms of Pechalinn

Kerran Pechalinn (MAn; Ftr 4; Anduiras, tainted, 10) rules in his father's stead as the old count lies withered and bedridden. Kerran's three dauthters, Regan (FAn; Ftr 3; Anduiras, tainted, 7), Julia (FAn; Nbl 1; Anduiras, tainted, 7) and Beatrice (FAn; Nbl 1, Anduiras, tainted, 7) are all married and spend most of their time managing their lands and raising their families. Although Regan is the heir apparent, she and her husband, Richard Pechalinn, quarrel often and publicly about which of them is the head of their house. Regan seems to be winning the ongoing argument, which most residents of Merrel find a source of great entertainment. Should the playful feud ever turn genuinely heated, it could jeopardize the welfare of the province.

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