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Nolien is the original center of Haelyn's Bastion of Truth in Dhoesone, and the home of its oldest and most beautiful gardens. Bhàtair Armara brought the teachings of Fitzalan to Dhoesone, and made Nolien his base of operations, so that he could keep in contact with the Northern Imperial Temple by the well traveled sea route back to Nowelton. As the center of the new temple in Dhoesone, a new cathedral, Nolien Cathedral, was constructed and surrounded by a great garden according to tenants of the faith. A yearlong garden was planted in a circle around the temple with plants that bloom in every month of the year. Great trees and a parkland make the gardens a wonderful place to admire the beauty that labor might bring to those with the discipline to achieve it.

The temple remains a great ceremonial place and its services are well attended, but the merchant class which is so important in Nolien is no longer seen here, spending their time down the street at Fortuity Sacrarium there Sarimie is worshiped. The mayor and city chamber listen politely to what Illiam Harbanus, the Presbyter of Nolien has to say, but they do not heed his counsel.

If the old temple of Haelyn is a shadow of its former self, the same is not true of the docks which are equally as old. The only port of Dhoesone able to receive deep-water vessels at both high and low tides the docks are busy from before dawn until after dusk with traders and fisher-folk from far around. Storm Holtson has spent considerable funds expanding and renewing the docks and he is applauded for it by the merchants, if not by some of those faced with the choice of paying his landing fees for using his pier or mooring at one of the cluttered and often ramshackle older areas of the docks - most parts of which are jealously controlled either by the Baroness's sheriffs or one of the families with ancient rights to docking space.

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