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Munro Broweleit was the Lord of Cunningham until his death, four years ago. He was succeeded by his oldest son, Iain Broweleit. His second son, Errol Broweleit serves with the army on campaign and adventures as well. Munro's youngest son, Brulan Broweleit shown great aptitude for organization and is now the Chancellor of Talinie. Munro also had a daughter, Ailaes Broweleit, who is now married to Richard Stalban.
Munro is the son of Aodhßn Broweleit and Caoimhe Casebier. Munro fought with the army and the knightly musters against the Five Peaks and in several of Boeruine's wars with Avanil. He was present at the Battle of Warton in 1489, where his company of knights valiantly took Hawick Hill from a company of Avanese elite infantry and held it against the counter attack of that same infantry supported by archers. Munro was wounded three times in that battle and was knighted in the Order of the Boar for his heroic conduct during the fight.
Munro later took his sons, Iain and Errol on campaign during the War of Taeghean Succession. Despite a clear victory at Ambelside, the war did not achieve its aims, and Harald Khorien succeeded his father instead of Boeruine's candidate, Roger Khorien, the late count's brother.
Munro returned from the wars to marry his daughter, Ailaes, to the son of Harrin Stalban, then Lord of Grimsay. He also found his lands so well managed in his absence that he worked to get his youngest son, Brulan into the Chancery, where his abilities would insure his rise.
Four years ago, old and battle-scarred, Munro contracted a winter fever which the healers could not purge. Munro got worse and the Black Cough set in, killing Munro in his fifty-eighth year.

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