Midnight Cauldron

The Midnight Cauldron is an enormous magical cauldron, 10 feet in diameter and fully five feet high, carved with magical signs and disturbing figures of the Gorgon and his minions. It was made by the dwarven smiths of Mur-Kilad, obeying the orders of the Gorgon who was looking for a magical device to steal and hold the very power of the land itself. The Gorgon gave it to his son, the Warlock, who risked his own life to carry it away when he fled from his father.

The Midnight Cauldron siphons raw power from ley lines to itself, creating a reserve of mebhaighl. This reserve can be used to cast realm spells or be distilled into an elixir that strengthens troops brought to it in a sort of dark baptism.

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