Found a vandal on BRwiki? List them here, and we'll clean up their work regularly, and perhaps (in severe cases) ban them by IP.

  • See below how to add a vandal to the list.


;See Also::* Policy/Vandalism:* Currently blocked list
* Administrator use only: Blockip

[top]Vandals List

Admins: If a vandal has caused massive disruption, use the "if bot" link when reverting vandalism - it will cause the vandalism (and the rollback) to become tagged as a "bot edit" and hidden from the RC list by default.

no known vandals yet


More vandals and bots from the past have been archived to:
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[top]Identifying Fake Spam Cleaners

Thanks to CJ for noticing these "sneaky bots".
Here are easy steps to identify fake spam cleaners:
  1. Go to the history page of the article that was supposedly cleaned.
  2. Click the left radio button next to the entry you think was the last non-spam edit (spammers usually have red user links, since they're not real users).
  3. Click the right radio button next to the entry of the "fake spam cleaner" edit.
  4. Click the "Compare selected versions" button.

If you see lots of spam remaining, this user is probably a "fake spam cleaner".
Put them on the vandals list!

[top]About reverting vandalism

It is worth noting that admins can quickly revert a bot's changes with one click, but only the last edit. If you have better things to do than to simply undo their edits, you can just add the vandal's name here and we will block them. It goes without saying that their "contributions" appear, so we'll have a list of their contributions. In that case we can shift-click (to view in a new window – or with Firefox, ctrl-click to open in a new tab in the same window) to open each revert link and thereby revert all their edits in one fell swoop. But this is only if they've made the last edit. So unless it gets really bad and it looks like we admins won't be able to block a user or revert all their changes, there's no need to try to undo their works.
If that doesn't make sense, you'll probably understand this: unless you have a reason to contribute to an article that has been vandalized, there's no need to undo vandalism by bots. It will save time overall, but this doesn't remove the necessity to add them here. Now, it won't hurt if any of you continue to remove vandalism, but it's not as necessary. But if the bot is not on the list here, we may never catch it. Thank you for all your assistance, everyone.

[top]Adding Stuff

[top]How to add a new month

Very simple, add the following (replace and with appropriate month and year):
==== ====
:{| width="100%"

[top]How to add a new vandal

Also easy to do. Just add the {{vandal}} template in the appropriate month/year at the top please:
==== ====


Note that underscores are important. If a user has a space in his name, you must put an underscore in its place.

[top]Administrative actions

When a user is marked as a vandal, an admin will investigate the claim (usually by reviewing the accused vandal's contributions) and follow the policy. This may include reverting acts of vandalism and informing the user on their talk page that they have been accused of vandalism, if their contributions don't seem to be overt vandalism.
In addition, admins can do a few things the average user cannot to deal with vandalism:
  • Use the [rollback] link to quickly revert vandalism (if it was the last edit on an article).
  • Use the Blockip page to ban/block the user from editing for a period of time (based on policy).
  • Use the  move  tab in situations where a regular user might not be able to, to maintain the history of a vandalized article.
  • Use the  protect  tab to give a reprieve to a frequently vandalized article, assuming it doesn't undergo frequent necessary updates.

[top]Blocking a vandal

After an admin has investigated they can ban/block the user according to policy by using the {{block}} template:
{{block|}} + +

[top]Making a suspect

If the user subsequently contacts an admin with a reasonably explanation for the act (falsely accused, mistaken edit, misunderstood policy, etc.) and the admin is convinced the user has reformed or sufficiently explained their actions, the admin can use the {{suspect}} template to put then on a sort of probation (and clear the ban/block, if warranted):
{{suspect|}} +

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