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framed|Arms of Ivan

Male Vos Fighter 6; CR 6

Tsor of the Melyy

Lineage of Lesser Nobility

Major Bloodline of Vorynn, 22

N Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 72/13

Init +0

Languages: Vos, Orog, Low Brecht

AC 20 , touch 20 , flatfooted 10

Fort +6 , Ref +2 , Will +3

Speed ft

Melee Atk +10 (damage 1d8+3/ 19,20*2,Vi'polneniye ), or +8 (1d8+2/20*3, Lance)

Ranged +6 (damage 1d6+2 /20*3, composite short bow)

Base Atk + 6 ; Grapple +8

Abilities Str 14 , Dex 10 , Con 13 , Int 14 , Wis 12 , Cha 16
the abilities are altered due old age of the character

Feats: great leader, hardiness, toughness, mounted combat, ride by attack, spirited charge, regent focus (Rule Province), regional arms training

Skills: climb +6, diplomacy +5, intimidate +8, handle animal +8, jump +6, lead +15, ride +8, survival +2, warcraft +11

Special Qualities: Alter Appearance blood ability

Description: , lbs

Possessions: masterwork spiked banded mail, Vi'polneniye (or Death Penalty in the Vos language) +1 flail, tower shield, Light War Horse and light armor barding, noble outfit, composite short bow.

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framed|Ivan Polavich

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Ivan Polavich is the ruling Tsor of the realm Melyy.
He was born in Velenoye's province Taldy in the old, respectable Soviyenski clan and grew up as a warrior. He fought in the wars against the Sword Rust Tribes with his fellow clansmen, and his strength, toughness and leadership earned him a place among the Boyar's varsk riders. It was in one of these fights that Ivan lost his left foot in one of the bloodiest battles against Orogs.
Ivan had become such a respected leader that Velenoye's former Tsar rewarded him with rulership of the tiny, unimportant realm of Melyy rather then following the usual Vos practice of slaying or abandoning the crippled warriors.
Still a young and strong man, Ivan knew that he could no longer stand with his warriors in the shield wall, and worked hard on perfecting his cavalry and command skills.
His last name Polavich ("half-man") indicates his handicap, but Ivan has never let that affect him and now even his warriors speaks it with pride.
Recently, Melyy and Velenoye broke off their official vassal-overlord relationship, with some hard feelings. Tsor Ivan is learning to rule his small land ond his own, while dealing with the disruptions caused by the silver-mining fever that has attracted greedy individuals from across the Vos coast.

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