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Caracdir hunters often carry spears or javelins, once these are thrown they fight with a club or short spear. Some smarter Caracdir throw nets or poison their weapons. The Caracdir cannot work metal and so have no metal weapons or armor unless it has been stolen - although some rumors say that a few renegade traders sell the Caracdir human-crafted weapons in return for rare herbs and the like from the swamp.

The Caracdir can hold their breath for a long time and swim well, Caracdir often attack from below the surface of the swamp, or seek to grapple foes and hold them under the surface of the swamp until their foe drowns. Caracdir hunting parties work well together using imitated bird calls and the like to co-ordinate attacks, Caracdir rarely attack mounted knights or large bands of humans but willingly attack isolated hunters and the like when hungry.

Caracrdir use poison harvested from the swamp, while stronger Caracdir produce a poison that acts as the blood ability death touch. It loses this effect a few minutes after the Caracdir's death unless kept in a sealed jar without exposure to the air.

Habitat / society

Caracdir form small squalid villages in the Harrowmarsh. Human intruders are typically stripped, bound to a spit and roasted over a fire or eaten alive and raw if the Caracdir are particularly hungry. The fire-tender is highly esteemed in Caradir tribes as if extinguished the fire is desperately hard for the Caracdir to restart.


The Caracdir eat mostly fish and the amphibians of the Harrowmarsh. On occasion they catch and eat humans, although they fear horses from centuries of slaughter at the hands of Binsadan riders. Caracdir hide is tough and can be used to make workable leather, the few Caracdir that have poison sacks often have tougher hide which can form reasonable armor while their posion is prized in some parts. Caracdir often ....


It is said of late that a larger form of Caracdir - possibly a completely different Hydrakin, has been seen in the Harrowmarsh. This physically larger more imposing Hydrakin has stronger scales and a far keener taste for flesh - and it is rumored that at least some of these 'dragonmen' have a disturbing level of intelligence.


The Caracdir are a Birthright form of Lizardman. A primitive society that can justifiably live alongside human civilizations while retaining bestial customs and stone age technology.

Note: The canon Caracdir did 1d8 damage with each claw - a little too much for a 1 HD creature, although it was meant for Caracdir with 1-6 hit die.

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