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Hunter's SkillingHunter's Skilling

The keep of Lord Aodhßn Ramsey, Hunter's Skilling is part of the defensive network which also includes the royal keep of Inverness and the temple fortress at Clashness. Hills and other obstacles make possession of Clashness necessary for any invader. Two passes through the hills could be used to to cut Clashness off, but these are guarded by the royal keep at Inverness and the keep at Hunter's Skilling. Captain Murchadh Sullivan coordinates the defense around Clashness and runs the military garrison as well. He is a warpriest of Haelyn.
Hunter's Skilling is a keep that makes use of the hilly terrain of upper Freestead, being built where sheer rock face prevents approach from two of three sides. The normal compliment supported by Lord Aodhßn includes 50 scouts, half of which are normally at the keep, while the other half patrol the area and the passes for goblin raiders from the Five Peaks. When danger threatens, two dozen or so royal archers are dispatched to assist the defense of the keep.
The keep includes a secure escape tunnel warded to prevent entrance to the tunnel to anyone but the blooded and invested lord of the keep.

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