Hervarar Saga

The Hervarar Saga is a tale of a mythical Rjuven land of ┴lfheim. This is one way to render Elf-land in Rjuven and the stories bear a striking resemblances to Sidhe lore.
When humans first came to Cerilia, the elves taught the humans many things, including arcane magic and many of their songs and tales. While the Rjurik generally claim the Hervarar Saga as their own, it is much more likely that the Rjuven added a patina of Rjuven flavor to tales told to them by the elves. Another possibility is that the Rjuven had similar stories as some of the elf stories and they were merged, perhaps taking the best themes and conflicts from each to form a larger, more compelling whole. Whatever the true origin of the Hervarar Saga and similar works, their references to ┴lfheim, character names like ┴lf, the king, and ┴lfhildr, his daughter, translate in Rjuven to "elf" and "elf warrior maiden".

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