Paladin 20/Cleric 20/Fighter 10

Medium Outsider (Good, Lawful, Native)

Divine Rank: 19

Hit Dice: 20d10 + (Pal) plus 20d8 + (Clr) plus 10d10 + (Ftr)


Speed: 80 ft.


Base Attack: ; Grapple:

Attacks: +5 Haelyn's Holy Avenger

Full Attack: +5 Haelyn's Holy Avenger

Special Attacks:

Special Qualities:


Abilities: Str 29, Dex 27, Con 30, Int 26, Wis 28, Cha 30



Divine Immunities:

Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Reality, Avatar, Battlesense, Divine Air Mastery, Divine Armor Mastery, Divine Blast, Divine Fast Healing, Divine Inspiration, Divine Paladin, Divine Spellcasting, Divine Splendor, Divine Storm, Divine Weapon Focus (Longsword), Extra Domain (Justice), Extra Domain (War), Extra Energy Immunity (Fire), Gift of Life, Irresistable Blows, Know Death, Lay Curse, Lay Quest, Life and Death, Power of Truth, Speak with Creatures

Domain Powers:

Spell-Like Abilities:


Cleric Spells Per day:

Paladin Spells per Day:


[top]Other Divine Powers


Haelyn creates his Avatars only under the most unusual circumstances. Haelyn's Avatar is as a 20th Level Paladin. His Avatar appears as he did in life, a mighty, tall clear-eyed warrior carrying a sword and sceptre and surrounded by an aura of golden light.

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