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The Gate of Heaven is the highest province in the Yikarian Empire. A small province, it is home to the Lotus Emperor and the Lotus Court. It is surrounded by the province of the Enlightened Ring.

The climate is mild enough for five months to enable some vegetation to grow and the temperatures to be bearable for people.

The pass from the Enlightened Ring to the Gate of Heaven is guarded by 900 yikarian Faceless Guards.


Nathong is the capital city of the empire. Tales tell of it flying amongst the clouds in the early days of the empire. But none of yikaria can remember it being anywhere but its present location nearly 7000 feet above sea level amongst the peaks of the mountains.

It is a single massive building with towers, rooftops and balconies jutting out irregularly. From a distance it almost looks like it too is a mountain peak.

Regardless of its location, fine gardens can be found throughout the city. Many take this and the city's cool but temperate weather as a blessing from the Forgotten God. Outsiders point to the emperor's blood sacrifices and claim that this is the source of the fair weather.

[top]Emperor's Quarters

The royal palace of the Lotus Emperor is never called that. It is simply known as the Emperor's Quarters and takes up one quarter of Nathong. The emperor has several thousand slaves who attend on him and manufacture items. This small industry helps support the people of the province and meet the emperor's needs.

[top]The Whisperer's Tower

This tower within the Emperor's Quarters is the headquarters for the emperor's consort, the Whisperer. She is rarely seen outside it but few see inside it either.

Any slaves needing "correction" are taken to the tower. No-one knows what occurs within but those who leave are willing servants of the crown.

[top]Tower of the Faceless God

At the base of this tower is the main church of the Forgotten God. At its top, the highest point in the Emperor's Quarters, is a giant bronze bell.

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