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The forms listed previously describe mental and physical efforts by the spellcaster. Foci describe the items, ingredients,
and components used during spellcasting. Foci may be used in addition to the forms listed above, and the bonuses stack.
There are two types of foci: basic and expendable. A basic focus is just that ? an object used to focus and channel magical energy that is not consumed by the spellcasting process. Expendable foci are consumed by the spell when they are used. A focus of either type must be appropriate to the spell, the spellcaster, or the nature of the magic used. The GM is the final arbiter of whether a given focus is appropriate for a spell. A basic focus may be any item: a dart, a holy symbol, or a mirror are all good examples. When used with a spell, the item is used to help channel the spell?s power and provides a +2 bonus to the spellcaster?s Fortitude Save and Control check (if necessary). Such items may be used repeatedly without degrading or destroying them.
Expendable Foci
Expendable FociDC Modifier
Less than 100 gold
(or no cost listed)
100 gold to 1000 gold+2
1001 gold to 2000 gold+3
(each additional
1000 gp
An expendable focus is consumed as a result of spellcasting, or at least rendered no longer usable. A pinch of dust tossed
into the air, a gem that shatters upon completion of the spell, or a spider that must be consumed by the caster are all
examples of expendable foci. Expendable foci are usable only once and grant a one-time bonus to the caster?s Fortitude
Save and Control check (if necessary) whenever they are used. The bonus provided depends on the value of the expendable foci used.
The GM may decide to require that all foci used, whether basic or expendable, be magical in nature in order to assist with spellcasting. These might be blood or scales from magical creatures, powders made of magical plants, or other objects that have some inherent power of their own. The act of using the foci transfers this magical power into the spell and the ?natural magic? provides the boost to the character?s spellcasting.
Such a requirement has no game effect, other than making the foci potentially more difficult or dangerous to collect. The GM must decide whether foci are appropriate for the game, and whether the foci used must be inherently magical to be of any benefit.

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