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The Festival of the Land's Bounty is a elven harvest festival and is the fall counterpart to the springtime Festival of Rebirth. This week-long celebration begins two weeks after the Day of Remembrance. Feasts and dances are held as the Sidhelien celebrate nature's bounty. Work generally ceases during the Festival of the Harvest. The feasts held during this period put to shame those held at any other time of the year. Any being living within an elven realm is welcome to participate in this celebration, particularly the final day (known as the Day of Thanks).

Generally elves will celebrate either the Festival of Land's Bounty or the Day of Remembrance, but some elves have been known to celebrate both, being deeply mournful one week, berserk at the memories of atrocities the next, and friendly and outgoing in the third week, such is the changeable wild heart of an elf.

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