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Held on the autumnal equinox in several Sidhe realms, the Day of Remembrance is a solemn occasion during which the entire history of the elves is reflected upon. Sidhelien that have lost their lives during the last few years are remembered, as are the many elves who have given their lives in defense of elven lands over the ages. It is a day of mournful ballads and tragic poetry, in which the elves tell and retell of the betrayals of other races (mainly by goblins and humans). Even in normally outgoing (by elven standards) realms non-Sidhelien are definitely not welcome to participate.
A side effect of the remembrance is that the wild elven temper can become aroused as long ago (to other races) memories are remembered by the elves, Gheallie Sidhe raids are not uncommon after the festival and many neighbors of the elves stay close to their homes in the weeks after harvest and avoid traveling near the woods under any circumstances. In fell realms like Tuar Annwyn, Lluarbraight and Rhuobhe these raids can begin on the day itself as the elves work themselves into a frenzy of wrath during the day and then ride out at nightfall.

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