There are some magical feats available to those who use Dynamic Spellcasting. These feats generally modify the way in which the character?s spells work, make them easier to cast, or make them more powerful. The creation of magical items is also governed by these abilities.

[top]General Magic Feats

[top]Extra Spells

Extra Spells increases the character?s allotment of learned spells.

Benefit: you gain an additional 4 spell slots.

Special: You may take this feat more than once. It's effects stack.

[top]Magical Genius

Prerequisite: Int 13.

Benefit: Characters with this Attribute have a natural understanding of magical devices of all types. They find it relatively simple to work with such items and are capable of creating items more quickly and with less cost than otherwise possible. This feat grants the character a +2 bonus on Item Creation rolls.

Special: This feat can be taken more than once, it's effects stack.

[top]Spell Mastery

A character may master two spells each time this feat is taken.

Benefit:The character can master any spell he or she knows, and gains a +5 bonus to Fortitude Saves against Drain and Control checks for the mastered spell.
Special: This feat may be taken more than once.

[top]Item Creation Feats

[top]Brew Potion

Benefit: The character can cast spells into a physical form, usable by anyone. Potions, salves, and magical vapours may all be created in this fashion. These items are expended once used and do not need to be built as Items of Power.

Special:Only spells of DC 33 or less may be fashioned into a potion.

[top]Craft Magic Arms & Armour

Benefit: The character can create weapons and armour with magical powers. The items to be enchanted must already be made ? this Attribute does not convey the ability to forge weapons and armour on its own, it merely grants them magical powers once forged.
You can also mend a broken magic weapon, suit of armor, or shield if it is one that you could make. Doing so costs half the DC, half the raw materials, and half the time it would take to craft that item in the first place.

[top]Craft Rods, Staves & Wands

Benefit: The character can enchant items to cast spells. These items must be enchanted to cast specific spells and they must include their own Energy Points to rely on (using the Energy Bonus Attribute). Only spells of DC 37 or less may be enchanted into a rod, staff, or wand.

[top]Craft Talismans

Benefit: The character can enchant items to help with his or her spellcasting. Talismans must be created to assist with a specific type of spellcasting (arcane, divine, elemental, charm, necromancy, etc). A Talisman acts as a magically potent basic focus. It grants a bonus to Fortitude Saves against Drain and Control rolls any time the character casts a spell of the affected type. Talismans may also provide other benefits to a character's spellcasting, such as adding Metamagic.

[top]Craft Wondrous Item

Benefit: The character can fashion wondrous items of various types. These miscellaneous items have magical powers bestowed by spells, but do not cast spells in and of themselves.

[top]Forge Jewellery

Benefit: The character can fashion magical jewellery. Creating such jewellery is a delicate and powerful art; rings, amulets, and bracelets can carry potent magic, and a person can wear many such items.

[top]Scribe Scroll

Benefit: The character can fashion scrolls or runes ? spells stored in a physical form. Each can be cast only once and is destroyed once cast. Scrolls need not be designed as Items of Power.

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