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Legendary Items: Ever-full potion of healing

Common knowledge is what anyone with the right skill or a Bardic check could know, further history is more of an Identify thing. It all boils down to flavor.

[top]Common knowledge

Priestesses of Nesirie made ever-full potion flasks long ago for heroes of the faith that were expected to travel far from their home and for use by lay brethren in villages which had no priest able to cast miracles both. Potions of endure elements saw heavy use in the conquest of the Basarji by the Anuirean empire and the numerous failed attempts to conquer the Vos both. Ever-full flasks of minor healing are the most common type of flask by far - with such a flasks a lay member of the faith can almost eliminate death through injury or difficult pregnancy amongst an entire village.

[top]Further knowledge

Potions of restoration, cure disease and the like were generally made for use by lay brethren to spread miracles amongst the faithful. It is said that Druids of Erik created a similar flask which could create the a potion of plant growth: enrichment which was used to baptize oak seeds and encourage forests to grow from cleared land.


Ever-full flasks vary from humble gourds of soft leather to finely made of silver with intricate engravings showing holy symbols of Nesirie prominently. The more powerful versions tend to me more sturdily crafted.


Such Flasks hold 1 or 2 doses of a potion, and will convert non-magical fluid into a potion once a month, week, or day. The magical properties of the potion/salve created fade after a few hours if removed from the flask without being consumed.
Typical potions have the power of (L0) create water, minor healing; (L1) bless water, cure light wounds, endure elements; (L2) cure moderate wounds, delay poison, lesser restoration; (L3) cure serious wounds, remove disease, water breathing; (L4) cure critical wounds, neutralize poison, restoration.
When drunk the potion acts as a normal potion/salve of the relevant type.
Some flasks require activation rites to regenerate the potion they could create (for example to be filled in a natural pool by the light of the full moon). Flasks have to be filled with non-magical fluid to create their potion/salve.

[top]Creation cost

Spell level1/day1/week1/month
36,000 gp2,000gp1,200gp
411,200 gp3,733gp2,240gp
Note. The conversion cost for day:week:month is 1/5 (per p243 DMG): 1/15: 1/25.

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