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El-Besr was once a Mushirate in the Khinasi domain of Djira. It was beautiful, comprised of a green and fair range of hills overlooking the Zha´nge River. However, the Basilisk has changed everything for as long as anyone can remember. The awnshegh has poisoned the land, demolished towns and villages, and killed hundreds of people. So, after trying to kill the creature, nearly all the residents have abandoned the land to this terrible, and awful awnshegh.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

=== el-Besr (1/0) ===
El-Besr is
=== Broken Hills (1/0) ===
Broken Hills is
=== Brokendale (0/0) ===
Brokendale is
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[top]Important Figures

The Basilisk (Male Awnshegh; Azrai, major, 48; NE) is the uncontested master of this domain. No one has figured out a way to kill the creature yet, so they often leave it to itself.
Darkblades are a group of cutthroats and thieves that has moved into el-Besr. The perfect place to operate, the robber barons conduct raids into nearby realms and then retreat back to their hiding place.
Zhainge Giants are a strong clan of Cerilian hill giants that are living in a stockade under the leadership of their cheif, Chaugh. Occasionally, they trade with adventurous river merchants; as they exchange their livestock for various tools or trinkets. They used to actively defend themselves against the monster, but now they simply drive their herds into the stockade and wait out the awnshegh.

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