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Dryad's Meadow is perhaps one of the more unusual manifestations of mebhaighl in all of Cerilia: An ancient, semi-sentient tree serves as the nexus of several ley lines. A dryad is the loving companion of this creature.
Mistletoe cut from this area is purported to be very powerful, and the tree is said to be a source of a great nature lore. It is not uncommon for druids to risk both the wrath of the gheallie Sidhe and the charm of the dryad to reach the area.
Dryads are fey beings from the Faerie realm of the Shadow World. They are members of the Seelie Court. Many fey creatures, like the dryad, cannot sever their bonds with the Faerie realm without loosing their fey natures, and dying in the process.
A Dryad passes from the Faerie realm to the daylight world by means of a special portal through a great oak. Once established, this portal is an essential lifeline for the dryad, and she cannot stray for long from her oak, or her bond is broken and she dies.

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