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Without question the Day of Revelry is the most boisterous celebration held in the sylvan forests, this is a holiday celebrated with all woodland creatures. Revelry is held on the day midway between the vernal equinox and the first day of summer. With the trees and flowers in full bloom, this may be the most beautiful time of the year. The elves and their faerie cousins (brownies, dryads, nymphs, pixies, sprites, sylphs, etc.) and their other forest friends (centaurs, halflings, forest giants, treants, etc.) come together for a day of friendship and celebration. The usual feasting, singing, and dancing occur, and inevitably pixies and sprites throw in a few good-natured practical jokes to lighten the mood even further. Some would say the festival actually lasts two days - a day of merriment followed by a day of recuperation. Humans are discouraged from participating in the Day of Revelry, although rare exceptions have been made. This is done partly for their protection - many a man has been charmed by the sight of a dryad or nymph.

Of all the elven realms only Rhuobhe no longer celebrates this festival, for the Manslayer finds he has no space in his heart for the lightness of spirit necessary to cast aside the cares of the world and simply exult in life. One of the elf's cherished dreams is that when the scourge of humanity and goblin-kind has been exterminated he can once again dance freely like he did long ago as a child, with no cares or worries and no thoughts of how the future must be faced. His people do not celebrate as they once did either for the same reason, or to spare their lord from the bitter-sweet pain the sight that such carefree joy causes him.

Travellers near elven lands during this festival may be set upon by pranksters, or hear to far off sound of the revelries, woe betide those who investigate however for the elves are rarely found and those who do can find time passes them by in the instants they seem to spend dancing.

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