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Danien Armara won battles against the Five Peaks and in the service of Boeruine against Avanil and was rewarded with the manor of Dalmelling near Broom Lake. As such he is best known as Danien Dalmelling.
He was married to Janna Kircaldy of Dunbeath, and as the cousin of Thuriene Donalls, Thane of Talinie, his children stand in the line of succession as long as Thuriene has no children of her own. His neice, Siobhie Riedhie has already been identified as Thuriene's heir, but in the event that the Northern Imperial Temple and Talinie were seperated into two domains again, one of Danien's children would stand a good chance of becoming the Thanes of Talinie. These children include Duncan Dalmelling, Tavish Dalmelling, Jamesina Dalmelling, and Handuiras Dalmelling.

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