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Danaroene is a neighbor to Bellam province of Roesone and has a very mixed countryside. The north and east is a rocky land and some lesser mines are found. The borderland to Roesone is filled with fields of crops. Many battles were fought during Ghoere?s history in this province and armies of both realms constantly crossed it until recently. Several small villages and towns are found in this province, but none of importance. The little town named Ghinarone in the direct borderland to Roesone is said to be have been destroyed and rebuilt no less than five times during its history. The current Count of Danarone is Aeric Gwynaard (MAn; Nbl 3; Scion of Reynir; minor, 10, LE).
The Bandit?s Demise: The Bandit?s Demise is the site of the most recent battle between Roesone and Ghoere. It lies a few miles north-west of a pass named Umleigh Keep. History records that the battle was so vicious and that so much blood was spilt, that only weeds, briars, and hardy field grass will grow in the rutted and scored earth. Many tales tell of the spectres of the dead rising in the night to slaughter any foolish enough to be near and more than a few goats have been found drained of blood amongst the cairns as well.

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