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Arms of ConalierArms of Conalier

Conalier lies in the north of Ghoere and has borders to Mhoried and Elinie. It is the least inhabited province. The largest settlement today is a garrison near the River Maesil that overlooks the Cwlldon province in Mhoried. Conalier became famous about 70 years ago, when a gold-rush fevered the land. The province is ruled by Count Gaerik Bellerran (MA; Nbl5; Scion of Anduiras; minor, 9; CN), a minor noble who still believes the old stories and strives to enrich himself with this legendary gold.
The Ruins of Conalier: A farmer found gold at the bank of the River Maesil about 70 years ago and the news spread like a disease throughout Ghoere. During the next few years hundreds of small villages grew near the river and some prospectors even became rich, but most learned that not all stories are true. Today many ghost cities are found in Conalier, most lay in ruins meanwhile, but some remain unexplored.

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