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[top]BRCS developments

  • Synchronise Ch 6-9 with 3.5e Ch 1-5
  • Correct all the errata in the BRCS
  • Form a 3.5e pdf for Ch 1-5 from the individual chapters

[top]BRWiki developments

  • categorise all Guilds
  • [DONE] Add errata header to all BRCS pages with known errors
  • Add 3.0e header to all non-3.5e BRCS pages
  • Move all BRCS pages to the BRCS section
  • Fix formatting on all NPC pages - ? and br
  • Fix formatting on all location pages - ? and br
  • Fix formatting on all pages - ? and br
  • Add content to all Stub pages

[top]Other Community Projects

  • Design an Atlas document or portal
  • Improve infrastructure software

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