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The Children's Fair is held midway between the beginning of summer and the first day of fall. Elven births are infrequent, and the children of an elven realm are cherished. On this day the Sidhelien of a community gather to remember their own childhood and to enjoy the company of the realm's youngest members. The children participate in games throughout the day and are served as honored guests at an evening meal. They are then whisked off to bed while the adults spend the night in song and dance. Trusted friends of the elves are allowed to attend the Children's Fair, but it is largely considered a Sidhelien holiday. Children of the Sidhe are so rare (one child a century for an elven woman would be considered a population boom) that any trespassers in the elven lands on this day ? when the children are all relatively close together ? are dealt with without mercy.
It has been known for elves that have lost children to human hunters to steal a human baby or young child after this festival when their grief runs deepest. Such children are always well cared for and often take on fey aspects as they grow, they are rarely able to fully join the elven community however, particularly due to their brief lives (compared to the elves), a human child will grow old and die while elven peers are still considered children.

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