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Brecht Seelundkaufen


Plutocratic Oligarchy


Recently a dispirited guild, Theofold Segwardes has turned around the Brecht Seelundkaufen which is now a viable, competitive enterprise.

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Guildmaster Theofold Segwardes united Müden?s varied guilds under the banner of the Brecht Seelundkaufen. Although the untrained eye in the marketplace may not notice such a union,
guild insiders all recognize the authority of Theofold. Cross one guild in his guild domain, and you?ll find yourself smarting from every commercial angle possible.
Currently, the Brecht Seelundkaufen seeks to expand into the Vampire?s Hold to gain rights to mine sources of gold, iron, and a large deposit of coal reported to be located there. The guild also is trying to reestablish lumbering in the domain of Treucht to the southwest. Once, Müden imported lumber from that wild realm, but Treucht has outlawed commercial logging, and it is unlikely that this ruling will be overturned any time soon.

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Theofold Segwardes, Guilder of Brecht Seelundkaufen

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