Breaking of the Ice

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Time, seasons, and holidays » Breaking of the Ice
The Breaking of the Ice is a festival held to celebrate the opening of the Great Bay in spring when the ice clears from the mouth of the bay. Praise is given to Nesirie and the bravest merchants venture out to trade with the Rjurik and Vos. Typically it is also the signal for the pirates of the Zweilunds and Grabentod to venture out in search of prey after a long winter in port.
Historical records say that the priestesses of Kriesha once were able to delay the breaking of the ice for weeks or even months using the Orb of Storms, a holy artifact of Cuiraecen stolen by the priestesses of Kriesha and turned to fell ends. It is said that the orb was lost somewhere in Drachenward after the priests were slain by mercenaries hired by the church of Sera. Despite repeated searches in the last two centuries, no sign of the orb has been found and few remember the terrible hardship caused by the prolonged winters.

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