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Arms of BhelineArms of Bheline

Bheline is found in the south of Ghoere and borders on Roesone and the Spiderfell. Floods or marshland are possible during the spring, so Bheline centers on pastures of sheep. Small villages and hamlets can be found all over the province, but the majority of the population is found in the eastern half of the province, well away from the Spiderfell. Goblin bandits from the Spiderfell are a common sight and most shepherds loose a part of their herd every year. Apart from Gweirlaen there is no larger city found in Bheline. The province is governed by Count Raesene Cardael (MAn; Ftr 7; unblooded; LE) who executes the baron?s wishes as harshly as the baron would himself. The goblin raids are less severe and occur less often since the Count has been in this position. It is said, that he will remedy the problem completely in the next months.

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